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Electric Heating Car Seat Cover

Electric Heating Car Seat Cover

Electric Heating Car Seat Cover

Brief Spec:
Voltage: 12VDC/60watt
Fabric: Single Side Polar Fleece,
………… with Satin Edge.

Control option :
..a) in Line on-off switch and cigarette

..b) cigarette lighter with auto-off timer.(one hour)

..c) cigarette lighter with hand-held controller (see accessory)




Saves Money. Why pay hundreds for custom car seat heaters?
Our new “Hot Buns” Heated Car Seat Cover provides a stylish comfortable car seat cover for year round use that doubles as a seat heater during winter. It plugs right into your car 12V power outlet.

Multi use- Decorative, protective, warming. Made from luxurious soft polar fleece fabric, this heated car seat cover will protect your car seats from wear, damage and soiling year round as well as keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.

Easy care. – it's fully machine washable! The inter-locking power cable detaches for washing or when heating is not required for long periods of time and can be stored in a neat pocket under the front of the cover so it won't be misplaced.

Rapid penetrating even heat – No hot spots. Using seat heating technology similar to that found on new luxury vehicles, our new patent pending Duran-Fiber ? “low-watt per meter” heating technology g enerates evenly distributed warmth on the seat base and back using our rapid-heating low power density heat technology.
Invisible Heating Wires. Using our new Duran-Fiber ? ultra-thin heating technology, this heated car seat cover is so supple you cannot feel any heating wires just the supporting contours of your car seat. It has an additional non -slip under layer for improved comfort and reduced fabric movement when in use.
Fast, Easy Installation. Our new “Hot Buns” Heated Car Seat Cover Takes a few minutes for anyone to install and incorporates auto industry best practice installation design to fit most non-bench type universal bucket type car seats with built in or adjustable headrests.



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