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Low voltage Electric Heating Down Comforter

Low voltage Electric Heating Down Comforter


Low voltage Heating Bedding Products
Duran-Fiber Low voltage Electric Heating Down Comforter
Brief Spec: Voltage: 24VDC/90watt …………… with Hand Held Controller Size: ….For China:2m/2.2m or 2.2m/2.4m ….For US:Twin,Full,King,Queen size Filling:200g Cotton Per Square Meter …….400g Down filling Per Square Meter Fabric: 100% Cotton, ………….40X40/140*100 ………….1cm Satin with Quilted. With tight strip at conner.Patent pending
No risk of electrocution!

– Ultra Safe! offers safest low voltage technology.

No bulky wires!
– Uses new patent pending ?Duran-Fiber Fabric Heater imperceptibly thin, soft, invisible heating elements.
Invisible heat.

– Our thin, soft and durable heated fabric (patent pending) is unlike other heated bedding products which use traditional metal heating wire – ours provides a comfortable non-electric fabric-like feel.

Heat Therapy.

– Our ?Duran-Fiber technology generates proven penetrating “ far Infra-red “ waves that help the body’s micro-circulation of your body. Each carbon fiber emits beneficial bio-genetic waves of far-infrared across most of the surface of the fabric as it is activated by the low voltage electric current. Bio-genetic waves have been shown to promote the healing and growth of living cells especially in humans.

No dangerous radiation! – Uses DC current, so no harmful electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF).
No hot and cold spots!
– Penetrating even warmth across the Comforter. Using our “ low watts per meter” technology ,the heating carbon fiber is widely layout inside comforter, so this comforter is heated up very quick and very evenly !
All–Year Use! No need to change the bedding each season

– just lower the heat levels or unplug and convert to non-heated bedding in warmer months. just change comforter cover .

Interlocking connector

– our unique design ; interlocking connector provide most firmness and toughness in this bedding industry for electric connection .



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