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Stay Warm Heat back wrap with supporting band SUN-HBMWCB2

The Heated Stay warm Support Work Belt provides extra support to your back to help prevent strain and injury during heavy lifting and work activity. Featuring Far Infrared Ray heat which helps relieve back aches, sprains and muscle spasms while also keeping you warm. Made with breathable and elastic fabrics, the heated back brace support belt is comfortable to use and can be worn all day long. Comforting heat will keep your back’s muscles loose and relaxed to prevent strains and injuries.

This back support wrap can relieve you from minor muscular aches and pains associated with sprains and over-exertion. The heat delivered by this back heat wrap penetrates deep through the affected area to loosen up tight muscles. Far Infrared Ray heat is used at lower, more comfortable levels which target specific areas.


Vibration Back Wrap with Heat
Support 5V (USB) power bank or AC adaptor or 7.4V battery (optional)

-Back pain is one of the most common pain related complaints suffered by athletes, active adults, and the elderly. No matter the source of your pain, our rechargeable heat therapy back wrap can help to relieve your chronic aches and discomfort through deep penetrating Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

Battrery Heated Pajamas SUN-HPMWC2B Power suppot by 7.4V battery or 5V power bank (optional)

Battery Heated pajamas SUN-HPMWC2B (black)

Battery  Heated pajamas SUN-HPMWC2P( Pink )

Model Number:SUN-HEMWC2 5V Version
Elbow Wrap with Carbon Fiber Heating Technology

The At-Home Heat Therapy Elbow Wrap uses Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology to provide heat therapy through a safe, low-voltage carbon-fiber heating system, relieving elbow pain. The wrap is noninvasive and non-pharmaceutical, and has a fleece liner. Black only. Each At-Home Heat Therapy Elbow Wrap will shut itself off after 30 minutes unattended, as a safety measure.



Model Number:SUN-HWMWC2   5V Version

Wrist Wrap with Carbon Fiber Heating Technology

The At-Home Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap uses Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology to provide deeply penetrating heat therapy to relieve pain associated with sports-related injuries, arthritis, or tendonitis. Each wrap is made from neoprene with a fleece liner, and has a low-voltage plug that can be easily connected to any outlet in the home or office. The At-Home Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap also comes with a temperature controller that allows the user to select between four different heat settings at the touch of a button. Black only. One size fits most.


Model Number:SUN-HNMWC2    5V Version

Neck Wrap with Carbon Fiber Heating Technology


The At-Home Heat Therapy Neck Wrap can help alleviate neck and upper back pain through the application of Far Infrared Rays (FIR), which penetrate up to 3 inches through muscle and bone for more efficient heat therapy. It is lightweight, nonpharmaceutical, and noninvasive. The At-Home Heat Therapy Neck Wrap comes with a personalized temperature controller. Black only. Fleece liner.

Model Number:SUN-HSMW1 5V Version
Shoulder Wrap with Carbon Fiber Heating Technology
An afflicting shoulder is common among athletes, the elderly, and those involved in automotive accidents.

To help ease the discomfort, our At-Home Heat Therapy Shoulder Wrap safely provides deep penetrating Far Infrared Rays (FIR) directly to the source of the pain.

Take action now with a safe alternative to potentially harmful medications with the heated shoulder wrap to start experiencing relief today.

Model Number:SUN-HAMWC2   5V Version

Ankle Wrap with Carbon Fiber Heating Technology

STAYWARM® Far Infrared Heating Pads use advanced technology, patented carbon fiber as heating material which use DC electricity to produce heat energy, it’s electromagnetic hazard free, lightweight and safe, unlike traditionally heating wires which has burn risk and is heavy. Only small amount of electricity will be required, so it’s very energy saving.

In addition, the Far Infrared Heat generated can penetrate deeper to the tissue and blood supply for improving blood flow. On the other hand, the conventional heating pads do not have far infrared and can only warm up the surface of the skin. Therefore, our Far Infrared Heating Pad is an effective system for relief of pains/discomforts of muscle/joints.





Battery Back and Belly wrap warmer  *NEW*

cordless solutionIMG_6604





The heated back wrap warmer provides an amazing amount of portable constant heat so you can wear wherever you are.

This new heated back warmer is the first of it’s kind. The warming back belt provides constant heat, both portable and adjustable so you get the benefit wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Heating elements in the two sides of the lower back can be heated independently or at different temperatures for people who suffer more on one side of the lower back.

The heated back warmer has a lightweight design to fit under your clothes so that it can be worn all day. Heat location two sides of lower back.

Our heat back belt has the benefit of providing constant regulated heat whereas traditional heating methods such as wraps and microwave bags are hot initially but then cool down during use. Heat therapy is well proven in terms of back pain relief.

Our carbon based heating elements emit far infrared radiation to penetrate deep into the muscles of the lower back to aid blood circulation and reduce pain. The benefits of FIR treatments are well understood throughout Asia in terms of pain relief and healing properties.

Comes with 7.4V 2600mAh Li-ion Battery and Global Recharger (90V~250V AC)

“One size fits all”

FAR Infrared Heated Back (Lumbar) Wrap operating instruction: SUN-HBMW2

Step 1: Hold each end of the back wrap side pulling facing out.
Step 2: Overlap the left creating a V-shape about 2 inches below the navel (Never position above the navel) and secure with Velcro.
Step 3: Lastly, Make precision adjustments as comfortable as needed.



Getting started

To turn on, press and hold the heated power button (as right picture) for about 3 seconds.
•The Heated product will begin to preheat (5 minutes) and then turn to the medium setting automatically.

Temperature setting can be adjusted at any time by pressing the heated power button. Each press will cycle through the heated back wrap’s temperature settings.

  • Pre-Heat – Red LED fades on and off
  • High – Red LED continuous
  • Medium – White LED continuous
  • Low – Blue LED continuous
  • The heating pad should be turned off after 30 Minutes of uninterrupted operation.

This is our recommended maximum duration of therapy.
. To turn off the heated product, press and hold the heated power button until the LEDs turn off (about 3 seconds).


If the Heated product turns off unexpectedly, check the connections and charge the battery pack.
If you want to repeatedly use the Stay warm heating pad, then you should wait at least 30minutes between applications.


Selecting Temperature

The fastest way to heat up the heating product is to first set the switch to the highest setting. A lower setting can be selected later if required
We recommend the lowest temperature setting or extended use of the heating product.

Fast heating
These heating products have fast heating function which items be heat up quickly within first 5 minutes.

About Far Infrared

What is Far Infrared therapy (FIR) and what does it do:
Far Infrared Ray are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature (107.6F/42 celsius and above, enables destruction of cancer cells), and activate major bodily functions.

History – How Far Infrared therapy came into being:
Our bodies radiate far infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns, with most output at 9.4 microns. Our palms emit FIR energy also, between 8 and 14 microns. ‘Palm Healing’, an ancient tradition in China, has used the healing properties of far infrared rays for 3,000 years. These natural healers emit energy and heat radiating from their hands to heal, much the same as Reiki healers do. Current research conducted in Taiwan has measured significant far infrared energy emitted from the hands of Chi Gong masters. Yogis in India also employ palm healing and recommend it especially for relieving eye strain.

Since ancient times, people have believed that exposure to sunshine can maintain and even enhance health. Sun therapy is a form of natural FIR thermal therapy. Far Infrared Ray are the invisible rays of natural sunlight that have the longest wavelength. However, sunbathing should only be enjoyed in moderation since sunlight contains ultra-violet ray which are potentially damaging. There is also no temperature control and sunshine is only available seasonally.

√ Relax Muscle Spasms
√ Reduce Chronic Pain
√ Improve Circulation
√ Generate Soothing Warm




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