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Back Wrap with Supporting Band

Stay Warm Heat back wrap with supporting band SUN-HBMWCB2

The Heated Stay warm Support Work Belt provides extra support to your back to help prevent strain and injury during heavy lifting and work activity. Featuring Far Infrared Ray heat which helps relieve back aches, sprains and muscle spasms while also keeping you warm. Made with breathable and elastic fabrics, the heated back brace support belt is comfortable to use and can be worn all day long. Comforting heat will keep your back’s muscles loose and relaxed to prevent strains and injuries.

This back support wrap can relieve you from minor muscular aches and pains associated with sprains and over-exertion. The heat delivered by this back heat wrap penetrates deep through the affected area to loosen up tight muscles. Far Infrared Ray heat is used at lower, more comfortable levels which target specific areas.



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