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Linear Glove with Battery 
Model No. SUN-HGMW1                  
SUN-HJMLD1-2Linear Glove black for Dual-Zone Jacket
Model No. SUN-HGMLD1



Manufacture heated gloves, Shoes & Jackets. Welcome OEM and private label

heating glove

The first Battery heated Liner
heating glove in the world

…..Using our “carbon Fiber patented Fabric heater” technology, after nine months development, We are happy to Launch this new products to warm up your hand in Winter.

There is one battery connector sewed to the back of this liner glove

Three battery system, AA /2500mah for continuous two and half hours


Very thin, Very soft, and Very elastic;
Perfect fit with your finger (like woman stocking);

You can put on any glove(shell glove) after you wear this liner glove;

The orange strip line is the heating fabric along with all five finger, because it is touching to skin, it will give you a instant sensible heat!

The liner Material will be used with wicking material, let your hand breath!

You can sell this liner glove in two ways
• Sell as a pair, Heated liner glove and shell glove with a battery pocket using connecting cable connect between battery box and liner glove.

You can have three pairs of shell glove and one pair of heated liner glove ! virtually it seems you have three pair of heated glove !














• You can sell liner glove alone with battery wrist wrap . Then you can put on any your original glove as shell glove .( can sell this almost anyplace where already was selling glove)

The benefit for the Heated Liner glove is ; it has multiple purpose and can cover much wider temperature range !

For the end user , using heated liner glove and shell glove as a pair can cover three temperature range.
Just using liner glove only Cover temperature range 10-15 degree C
Using liner glove with shell glove Without heating Cover temperature range 0 to 10 degree C
Using liner glove with heat
and shell glove
Cover temperature range between 0 to -15 degree C below 0
As you can see, customer will have wider temperature coverage.
Traditional liner glove has been existed for many years in the market , the original purpose for this liner glove is to cover 10 to 15 degree C area!
Never has heated liner glove before! because the heating materials limitation (traditional heating wire is metal wire, can not be soft and twisted) by adding heating features, this liner glove can cover down to -15 degree C temperature ( of course you have to wear shell glove too to accumulate heat and prevent heat lost )
so if we sell liner glove alone as a package , we need to explain this benefits clearly to end-user !!!


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